National Advisory Board for
Impact Investment Zambia

The Zambia National Advisory Board for Impact Investment (NABII) is a non-profit organization created to accelerate the growth and effectiveness of the impact investment ecosystem in Zambia. We provide an all-inclusive platform to facilitate the deployment of impact finance at a scale sufficient to make meaningful contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for Zambia focusing on coordination, facilitation, promoting and catalyzing of private sector contributions.

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Catalysing a Private Sector-driven Impact Economy in Zambia

"We will put in place a conducive policy environment to encourage private investment in generation, transmission, distribution and retail in the sector."
His Excellency Mr. Hakainde Hichilema
President of the Republic of Zambia

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1
To increase and diversify the supply of impact investment capital.
Strategic Objective 2
To develop a growing pipeline of impact investment ready enterprises.
Strategic Objective 3
To develop a robust and diversified market of capable enablers...
Strategic Objective 4
To develop a robust and diversified market of capable intermediaries...
Strategic Objective 5
To Improve policy environment for impact investment.


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